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Denzel works for a construction company. He has been asked to research the number of new builds that have been completed over the last two years. Information needs to be compiled on the number of new builds for each year, and the financial outcomes of these (profits, expenses and losses).

Denzel needs to find out:

  • How many new builds were commissioned and completed
  • What category of build they were (i.e., low, mid, high-rise, and whether housing or commercial)
  • How much each build costs to complete
  • How much each build was sold for
  • The profits and losses of each build
  • Denzel will then need to compile data and statistics for the new builds completed in year one and in year two, for a comparison of results.

Denzel is able to access information from organisational records; this information can be found in the administration and accounts departments. Files will need to accessed and supplied in an electronic format for compiling specific fields of information. He will need to request these as Excel spreadsheet files, or as raw text files, from which he is able to extract data.
Some information may also be found in the company’s database system; however, if he needs to use this, he must obtain login details from the relevant department in order to gain access to this, as passwords are changed each month for security reasons.
Denzel will need to request permission from the relevant persons in each department; he must submit a written request by email with the reason for his request.

Casey works for a catering organisation. She has been asked to assess the organisation’s bakery products to assess the cakes and pastries that they provide at events.
She must identify:

  • The top five cakes and pastries
  • The cakes and pastries (if any) that are never, or rarely, selected for events.

This research is to identify which cakes and pastries are most liked by customers, so that further types can be selected and included in menu lists. Casey must look at
information on cakes and pastries most requested, to determine customer satisfaction levels. She must also determine the number of cakes and pastries that are left over at events and which become food waste; the organisation is looking to improve its sustainability.
This research will be conducted with bakery products provided at events to customers  over the last three-month period. Casey will need to locate the relevant information
from the event managers relating to these.

The following event managers are used by the organisation:

  • Katie – she has worked on events over the last six months
  • Rob – he has worked on some events in the last two months
  • Joelle – she is currently on maternity leave, and last worked on events five months ago

James is undertaking market research to determine whether teenagers are likely to buy a new type of smartphone. His organisation’s objective is to determine whether
participants would want to buy the smartphone they are currently looking to develop.
His strategy for conducting the research is to survey a group of people that live in his town aged 16-45 with a checklist-style questionnaire. The participants will be given a
list of smartphone features and will put a tick next to features they’d like in a smartphone. There is no information in the survey about the cost of the phone.
James printed out 600 copies of the survey, as he wasn’t sure how many people he was going to survey. In the end, he surveyed 312 people.


Sustainability research project

Tamsin works for the environmental department at her local council. She has been asked to research sustainable business practices and opportunities. This research is to
be used by the council for providing advice and guidance to local businesses on using more environmentally-friendly practices.
This includes providing the conclusions of her analysis to evidence how these practices can be used to improve the environment.
She must report her findings to five managers to inform them about the research that was conducted, who she met with, how she gained her information and the results of
her analysis into sustainable business practices. She must explain the research process, along with her conclusions and recommendations.

The local community business group
After reporting to the council managers, Tamsin must also meet with the local community business group in her area to report the conclusions and recommendations.
This group is made up of twenty different local business owners and providers; they have a vested interest in finding out about the results of the research, so they can work with Tamsin to support and guide other businesses to work more sustainably.

Eddie must report the conclusions of his research into work health and safety for his organisation. Firstly, this must be reported to the business owner and WHS dutyholders, followed by all staff at the organisation.
The business owner and WHS duty-holders work on-site and at other locations. Eddie must meet face-to-face to discuss his findings and to agree on a set of recommendations for implementing in the workplace. These can then be communicated to all staff.
The organisation is large and has over 100 staff. Some staff work on computer and have their own email accounts; other staff work in the manufacturing department and do not have a workstation that is connected to email. Some staff also work shift hours and are not always present during the hours of 9.00am – 5.00pm.

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