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Apply critical thinking for complex problem solving

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Purpose of the Assessment

Knowledge Evidence

  • Knowledge of legislative frameworks and organisational policy or procedures applicable to identified workplace problem.
  • Knowledge of critical and creative thinking techniques applicable to performance evidence.
  • Knowledge of advantages and risks in the development of solutions for identified workplace problems.
  • Knowledge of decision-making processes including barriers to effective decision-making.
  • Knowledge of sources of relevant information to identified issue, including desk research and stakeholder consultations.
  • Knowledge of organisational requirements for development and presentation of a brief and feedback register.
  • Knowledge of approval process for workplace solution.

1. Scope problem solving process
1.1 Identify complex issue for resolution within scope of job role and in consultation with relevant stakeholders
1.2 Document task objectives and risks involved in pursuing identified issue
1.3 Research legislative frameworks and organisational policy or procedures applicable to identified issue 
1.4 Calculate required resources and present to relevant stakeholders

2. Lead solution development process
2.1 Facilitate ideation session with relevant stakeholders
2.2 Evaluate formulated solutions for advantages and limitations using critical thinking techniques 
2.3 Apply decision-making processes to select most viable solution 
2.4 Prepare a brief on proposed solution according to organisational policy and present to key stakeholders

3. Refine solution for implementation
3.1 Develop a feedback register to systematically record feedback according to organisational requirements 
3.2 Refine proposal based on analysis of feedback
3.3 Seek necessary approvals to implement solution 

Assessment Brief
This assessment comprises both the knowledge evidence and simulated work environment activities as a summative assessment. You are required to respond to the knowledge evidence questions (PART A) and as well as complete the activities (PART B) to be deemed competent.

Part A – Knowledge Evidence 
This PART comprises the knowledge evidence of the unit BSBCRT611. You are required to respond to the 7 (seven) knowledge evidence questions that you must respond in order to be evaluated for the underpinning knowledge requirements attached to the unit. Use the provided spaces below each question to respond to the question.

Part B – Simulated Work Environment Activities
In PART B, you are required to complete and perform all the activities related to complex problem solving. Using the template and activities provided in PART B, you are required to apply critical thinking for complex problem solving within an enterprise of your choice (within Australia) or use the simulated organisational context as provided in PART. You may wish to choose your own organisation to complete the tasks in PART B if you believe you have enough information and resources to complete the activities. Whether you choose your own workplace or the simulated work environment, to demonstrate competency you will need to complete the tasks following the structure as mentioned using the activities and template. 

Part A: Knowledge Evidence Questions

Questions 1
Answer the following questions:
1.1. Explain the legal frameworks related to workplace problems concerning discrimination on the basis of disability in 200-250 words. 
1.2. Explain the organisational policy or procedure applicable to the workplace problem specified/identified in Q1.1 in 50-100 words.

Questions 2
Answer the following questions:
2.1. Explain the different steps of critical thinking.
2.2. How can you use the following critical and creative thinking techniques to generate innovative solutions to issues? 
Mind mapping 
Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats

Questions 3
Answer the following questions:
3.1. What are the advantages of team problem-solving in the development of solutions for identified workplace problems? Discuss any five (5) advantages.
3.2. What are the disadvantages or risks associated with team problem-solving in the development of solutions for identified workplace problems? Discuss any three (3).

Questions  4
Answer the following questions:
4.1. Explain the basic steps in decision-making processes.

4.2. Explain the following decision-making processes.
a) Decision matrix 
b) Decision tree analysis 

4.3. Explain the following barriers to effective decision-making in 70-120 words each.  
a) Bounded rationality 
b) Escalation of commitment

Questions 5
Answer the following questions:
Explain the following sources of relevant information to identified issues.
a) Desktop research
b) Stakeholder consultations  

Questions 6
Answer the following questions:
6.1. What do you mean by organisational requirements? 
6.2. Discuss the organisational requirements for the development and presentation of a feedback register.
6.3. How will you structure the information in the development of a brief?

Questions 7
Answer the following questions:
7.1. Explain the purpose of the approval process for workplace solution.
7.2. How can you develop an approval process for workplace solutions? 

Part B – Simulated Work Environment Activities Requirements

The simulated workplace environment consists of: 
Your training organisation as your workplace 
Standard operating/workplace procedures. 
Your trainer/assessor to provide you with assistance throughout the assessment activity. 
The following equipment and resources to assist with addressing complex workplace issue: 
Resources to undertake research, prepare a brief and develop a feedback register.: 

  • Computers and internet for all participants and students
  • MS Office
  • Printer

WHS policies, procedures, programs and legislative requirements (Appendix C)
Opportunities to collaborate with others throughout the concept development process (As given in the assessment activities)
Communication technology such as video-conferencing tool used

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