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Brexit and E-commerce sector: challenges and opportunities

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1.1) Introduction

This opening chapter contains an introduction to the study issue as well as the research’s background. The introduction consists of six major sections: the background of the research, the goals and purposes planned to accomplish how tariffs and cross-border shipping rules influence Britain e-commerce and to evaluate the post-Brexit scenario and the problems that the retail merchant is facing in cross-border trade. study questions to be answered for what effect do tariffs and policies have on the UK’s e-commerce sector after Brexit as well how online merchant affected by Brexit and new trading policies once the findings and analysis are finished, significance and rationale to understand the standing of conducting this research, and the motive for choosing this research topic.

1.2) Background

Brexit is a mixture of the words Britain and Exit, and it denotes Britain’s leaving or exit from the E.U. or European Union. Inhabitants of the United Kingdom voted for Britain’s drawing from the European Union, and these votes were divided among the component states of the United Kingdom, with Wales and England staying and Northern Ireland and Scotland leaving.

The European Community was established in 1967. (E.C.) This European financial endeavour existed prior to the establishment of the E.U.; six years later, the United Kingdom joined them. That was established to overcome World War II, so trade links various nations, stopping future wars and bringing ECSC. Many things have emerged since then, and in 1992, the members of the E.C. signed the Maastricht Treaty, which resulted in the footing of the E.U. The goal was to create a single common currency for the member countries. Economic trade and alliance were also crucial mechanisms of the E.U. The United Kingdom, on the other hand, requested a change to the treaty in this area. Previously, each country in Europe had its own money: the French had Francs, the Germans had the Deutsche Mark, the Italians had the Lira, and so on. While these countries agreed on a common currency, the United Kingdom chose to opt out of this condition yet remained a member of the E.U. at the time. The European Union was shaped in 1993, and the ‘Euro’ was established as the solo currency among the E.U. member states nine years later. The European Union progressed to the point that member states performed as a ‘single market,’ with trade/goods, services, and people freely (tariff-free) moving from one country to the next.

Post-Brexit impact – Short term:

  • Fear selling causes stock markets all around the world to plummet. In the course, not a single stock market was spared. The 10-year Capital yield fell below 1.50 percent, a level not seen in a long time in the bond market. Whereas the German Bund slid into bad territory after ten years. Subsequent Brexit, gold saw a marvellous gain, while all other commodities were reduced. Not to add that the Pound Sterling has plummeted in value against the US Dollar and the Japanese Yen in particular. As a result, everyone buying equities anywhere in the globe now has the option to ‘buy the drop,’ as so-called ‘experts’ advise!
  • Britain mislaid its sovereign credit rating of being an AAA nation. They were demoted to A.A. with a negative outlook by S&P and Aa1 with a negative outlook by Moody’s, two leading credit rating organizations. That makes it expensive to raise government debt and, in the process, leads to a higher hurdle rate (The hurdle rate in capital budgeting is the least satisfactory rate of return (MARR) on any project or investment mandatory by the manager or investor). It is also identified as the company’s required rate of return or target rate.
  • Markets have stabilized just as many people foreseen Brexit would trigger a downfall in global growth, upset Britain’s economy, and so on. Following the initial battering in stock markets throughout the world, these markets have recently reached record highs. From the S& P 500 to the BSE Sensex, we have viewed top highs connected, signalling that the consequences of Brexit anxieties are no longer there, whether this assumption is correct or not.
  • Many large companies must establish their strategy for a business unit in the United Kingdom. Tata Steel, an Indian conglomerate, had to reassess its aims to sell its UK branch. Several other businesses have had to reassess their plans.

Brexit has had an impact on plentiful economies, not only the United Kingdom’s. Although its aftereffects appear to have calmed, it remains to be seen how long this smooth and market volatility environment will last. As the discussions progress and more information becomes available via the media, there will very certainly be dramatic responses across financial, political, and economic areas. The global economy in which we all live reminds us that one economy may have an impact on other economies. Systemic possessions have never been so near for such an extended period of time. As time passes, we may examine several charts to better understand what Brexit accomplished. Wait for the passage of time to reveal what is to come. After

1.3) Aim and Objective

The aims and objectives of this research study are listed below to help you understand what the research purposes to analyse and what the research aims to reach. The drive of this study is to comprehend the influence of Brexit on the UK E-commerce via the use of a case study. The following objectives must be met in order to achieve this:

1. To explore how trade agreement and tariff cross-broader rules influence Britain e-commerce.

2. To evaluate the post-Brexit scenario and the problems that the retail merchant is facing in cross-border trade.

1.4) Research Questions and Scope

Planned with the study objectives in mind, the following research questions will be useful in carrying out the research: 1. What effect do tariffs and policies have on the UK’s e-commerce sector after Brexit? 2. How online/retail merchant affected by Brexit and new trading policies. These are then used to create strategy and policy for retail and online seller.

1.5) Structure

The construction of this study is as follows. The discussion that follows lays the theoretical groundwork for the research. The chapter contains a review of current Brexit research and effects, recognising both good and negative expressions. The next part describes the technique utilised during the research process, which includes a case study using content analysis. This is shadowed by a presentation of the study’s findings, which leads to a discussion of the important themes and research topics, as well as the study’s bounds and recommendations for future research.

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