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Assignment Task


Subject Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing this subject, students will be able to:
A. Understanding the process of sculpting and modelling a character in a 3D space.
B. Demonstrate intermediate level competencies in rigging the same character students have modelled.
C. Demonstrate intermediate level competencies in animation techniques on the character model.
D. Apply and Demonstrate 3D particle, cloth, hair, and Fluid Effects on or around the final model.
E. Students will have a clear knowledge and understanding of how a character is designed from start to finish in a production environment.

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Detailed Assessment Guidelines
Assessment 1: Character research, design and modelling
This assessment will introduce students to the process of researching and designing a character using Maya to a high standard, including the practice of brainstorming, ideation and peer feedback, and recording of ideas in a process diary. 

Assessment Details: 
Assessment 1: Character research, design and modelling
Create an original concept for an animated character, to be developed into a 3D model in Maya. This character can show influences form existing characters, but must be mostly original. 

  • Research: Think about what sort of character you feel excited about creating, and research online to source existing images to use in a moodboard. Your character should have a human-style body for this first assessment. Keep track of all your sources.
  • Brainstorm: using pencil and paper, do a few pages of rough sketches to design an original character (this will be done in class)
  • Ideate: with help from your lecturer and peers, and following research, choose the best character design from your thumbnails and modify/improve it at larger scale using pencil and paper (begun in class and completed at home).
  • Create: model your pencil design in Maya, in T-pose.

As a part of this assessment, you will need to document your weekly progress using a process diary (in the form of a paper journal, at least one page per week) to record your research and design process. It will contain all your sketches, moodboard, notes and anything else you used to help you design your character. 

Assessment 2: Character rig and animation test
This assessment builds on the knowledge and experience built earlier, to rig and animate the character designed and created in Assessment 1. Students will also be assessed on the quality and detail of their process diary.

Assessment Details:    
Assessment 2: Character rig and animation test
1. Building on assignment 1, students will rig their character and test this rig with some simple animations.  
This animation test should test the feet, torso, arm, head and global controls of their character rig.

2. Document weekly progress using a process diary to record research and design process. You must include regular screen grabs from Maya to demonstrate the process you went through.

  • Research and brainstorm: research walk cycles and other special movement possibilities of your character. The way your character moves conveys much about their personality and mood to the viewer.
  • Test: using feedback from your lecturer and peers, modify your rig and animation to ensure you address the brief requirements.

Assessment 3: Addition of cloth and hair systems to the character, OR fluid system to the environment
For this assessment, students will submit brief animations of the character they have rigged, to include either cloth and hair systems added to the character, OR fluid systems added to the character’s environment. Students will be assessed on the quality of their animations, creativity, expression of character, and how well they have applied animation principles and techniques. They will also be assessed on the quality and detail of their process diary.

Assessment Details:    
Assessment 3: Addition of cloth and hair systems to the character, OR fluid system to the environment
Continuing with the character you designed, modelled, rigged and animated for assessments 1 and 2,  either add cloth and hair systems on the characters or incorporate fluid system in the environment. Process diary: please submit your process diary to include at least one page per week from weeks 9 to 13, demonstrating your rigging and animation process in Maya. Screengrabs of progress from Maya are acceptable.

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