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Executive Summary:

Running of retail business is not always easy especially due to stiff competition. It is important that supermarkets provide a variety of goods and services for endless consumer satisfaction. Keeping up with the demands and trends in technology also requires that the retail sector adapt to changes quickly in order to maintain a competitive edge against stiff competitors. The company is currently experiencing delays with inventory reports, customers data retention, warehousing reports and other staff management processes. The current ERP system is outdated and requires a new installation. This proposal highlights amongst some of the many challenges that the retail supermarket chain is having. There is a dire need to have a latest ERP system that will be able to integrate all the services. The proposal highlights the scope and advantages of the new ERP system. The proposal also provides a detailed budget and timeline that will be required for the implementation of the project.


The company is in retail business running supermarkets with a staff of 1,000 employee. The company has branches in Mandalay, Naypyitaw, Yangon. The supermarket chain is involved in sales of variety of products in clothing, electronic accessories, fashion accessories, food and beverages, health and beauty accessories, home, and lifestyle accessories, as well as sports and travel accessories. The company has approximately 15,000 customers across all the industry. The current ERP system is outdated and inefficient in data accounting, employee information and inventory reports. It is always easier that the customers are managed through a central management system that is located in Mandalay. Within each state office they are also systems which are involved in promoting and sales of the new products to the customers. The IT department is also located at the head office in Mandalay together with the marketing department which are involved in operations and legal and other training functions of the company. The human resource together with the project management offices are also located within the head office in Mandalay.

Problem Found:

A supermarket is relatively a place with a lot of competition. It is a place that is usually experiencing high turnover rates with low margins in terms of sales and profit in every sales outcome. It is therefore necessary for a supermarket to use a system or a retail system that is able to manage transactions effectively (Loh, Lenny, & Siau, 2017). This is because supermarkets are usually one type of retail business. The retail business entails the sales of goods and services to the consumers in form of retail amounts. The consumers are usually the end product and therefore the goods can never be resold again. It is therefore necessary for a supermarket to have a good management system. Having an ERP system that is centralized makes it easy to manage information in a central way with efficiency and effectiveness (Umble, Haft, & Umblea, 2019). One of the challenges that was observed in this case is that the supermarket lacked a recent central ERP system that is able to articulate and manage employee activities, inventory, warehousing, customers service, as well as providing accurate sales reports from each location efficiently (Alfaris, Edikuncoro, Savitri, Yogiari, & Sulistio, 2019). Transactions processes were very low and slow and therefore the need for a faster transaction process. The company also lacked a centralized customer management system and therefore it was difficult to gather customer details whenever they were needed. It was also necessary to have the suppliers’ details which is very important when it comes to making orders to avoid having empty shelves in the supermarket (Komala & Gunanda, 2020).

Project Summary:

This project will be an installation of a recent ERP system for the supermarket that has branches in three locations. The aim will be to have a centralized management system which is easy and reliable to manage from the headquarters. This project is going to install an ERP system that is effectively going to manage all the details related to the supermarket ranging from employees, suppliers, customer details, as well as the sales and all inventories. An ERP system will be commercially bought tested and installed before the operations begin.

Project Benefits:

The benefits that this project is that it is going to bring around increased customer satisfaction through quicker service delivery. This is because most of the customers are expected to shop in a physical store location using mobile devices and therefore, they need to enhanced e-commerce systems so that they can be able to enjoy a smooth experience with the use of any e-payment channels (Chou & Chang, 2018). This is also going to increase demands and operations within the supermarkets and therefore providing a competitive advantage for the supermarket. This is because the world is quickly advancing in terms of technology and it is very necessary for businesses to keep up with the changes. It is therefore necessary for retailers to continue using multiple IT systems with different aspects for their businesses. In addition to the current software management like point-of-sale software this ERP system is going to make accounting easier. The new system will reduce the backlog that is observed in the company in terms of supplies. The new ERP system will also be able to update on the inventory hence making it easy to plan with the suppliers in advance to ensure that shelves are always stocked within the supermarkets. Management of the staff in terms of staff roasters is also going to be easy. This will be necessary because it will be possible to oversee work schedules and keep the staffing cost under check. The ERP system is expected to automatically calculate the sales commissions and therefore this will help in preventing losses through detection of any suspicious activity in the point-of-sale transactions. The other advantage that comes with the Enterprise Resource Planning is that it is going to be managed massively in the cloud. This has got several advantages. One of the advantages is that data cannot be easily lost and if lost it can easily be retrieved from the cloud. This is because cloud-based ERP system is automatic in terms of functionality and always saves information. It is also compliant to the security and legal requirements therefore making it not prone to cyber-attacks. It also reduces capital expenditure in terms of hardware and service as well as the cost that is used in running and maintaining the system. The advantage of the cloud-based ERP system is that it is easily deployable and has got extra applications making it easy for the company to make expansion easily by simply linking their new supermarket branches with the cloud-based ERP system. The ERP system is also compatible with software like point-of-sale software. This makes it easy to integrate and manage businesses with better and faster services. When it comes to management of the consumers it is very easy because of fixed trails in which customers can use mobile devices for payments. It is also very easy to empower the staff as well as the customers with production information on complete transactions anywhere in the store. It is also easy to track sales. The software is also very important in terms or outdoor stores management especially when dealing with large scale sales. The software is also very able to communicate efficiently without disruptions and delays and therefore reducing risks by aligning data. The system will also come with a dynamic pricing system therefore making it easy to automatically manage prices and discounts if there are any. The other advantage is that this software is able to integrate with all other channels within the department and therefore information sharing is very easy. It is very easy to share information such as memos and send reports automatically through updates within the system. This will help in improving communication significantly and data access whenever necessary.


The scope of organization is going to entail review of the businesses processes the way they are. This will be followed by a process of information gathering that is impacting the sales, marketing, and customer service departments. This will be followed by a tender request from the relevant supplier. Evaluation will be done and the selected supplier will be allowed to supply the software with the suitable configurations. Configurations and customization will be followed by the review and cleanup of the existing data before migration to the new ERP system so that duplication of client entries and other data is avoided. This process will closely be followed by the software design development testing and installation. The software will require a purchase of user license which will be acquired before data migration. The next process will be the end-user training which will be conducted for employees as well as the management team before testing is conducted. Part of the testing will include stress testing, failover testing, integration testing, and also user acceptance testing. Upon satisfaction from the new ERP system the program will be rolled out and given the necessary support through continuous evaluation.

Team Resource:

1. The project will involve a couple of team members with their different roles. The project manager will be responsible for overseeing the whole project. The project manager will be appointed by the CEO of the company.

2. The next resource person will be the contract manager who will oversee all the functions involving requesting and securing for the tender.

3. Business analyst will be responsible for analyzing business processes.

4. IT manager will be overseeing the process of software installation and also managing the risks and threats in the system. The manager will also be responsible for designing the architectural format of the ERP system.

5. Developers will be functioning all the processes of configurations and ensure that the new system is functioning well. They will be accountable to the IT manager. They will also be responsible for cleansing of the data within the system.

6. Quality specialist will be responsible for project documentation while ensuring safety and quality of the new ERP system. The quality specialist reports to the project manager and will be assisting in documentation, revision, and controls during the project process. Trainers will play the vital role of training the staff and employees on how to use the new ERP system.


ERP system is very important when it comes to advantages that is related to the system. The ERP system can integrate with other software. It is also cloud-based. This has the advantages of security and backup. Management is also centralized making operations and processes very efficient.

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