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Have you ever heard the saying “necessity is the mother of invention”? Almost all new products are developed to meet a need. As you have seen in this unit, however, new products carry risks as well as benefits. Often, the development of a new product is opposed by groups of people who are concerned with possible risks. There may be several points of view about any scientific development. These points of view are influenced by various factors such as the economy, society, and politics.
In this unit issue, you will explore the development of new products through organic chemistry. You will choose one issue from the list below, and research the different points of view. Then you will present your findings, and your own point of view, to your class. 

Can biofuel be used to replace petroleum-based fuels? Biofuel can be made from biological materials, such as plants and animal fats. Biodiesel and ethanol are the two most common biological fuels. As part of your research, find out what biofuel is used for. Think about factors that may be holding back the sale of biofuel on the Canadian market.

Are Canadian processes for approving new pharmaceutical drugs adequate, too extensive, or not extensive enough? Some Canadians complain about the long waiting period for a new foreign drug to be approved in Canada. Why is there a long waiting period? What testing processes are needed for approval of a new drug in Canada?

Why are some drugs so expensive? The Canadian government recently increased its drug patents from 17 years to 20 years. This should help drug companies make sufficient profits to cover the enormous costs of developing and testing new drugs. Find out about the costs and procedures that are involved in developing and testing new drugs. Who finances drug research? Is it fair for drug companies to hold patents? What happens when these patents are not honoured?

Should all plastics that are made in the future be biodegradable? Biopolymers, such as proteins and starches, are used to produce one type of biodegradable plastic. Find out more about biodegradable plastics. How are they made, and how do they break down? What are the risks and benefits?

Are food additives necessary? Should they be regulated more closely? Almost all processed foods contain food additives. Choose three or more food additives, not including any compounds that you may have researched in Chapter 2 .Research the uses, structures, and purposes of the food additives you have chosen.

Decide on a different current issue to research and analyze. If you want to research a different issue, have your teacher approve your plan before you begin. 


The analysis scientifically accurate.

The analysis is complete.

The analysis is objective. 

The explanation of the related science clear and concise.

Prepare and deliver an informative, clear, and engaging presentation that addresses all the specified points.

Did your research influence the opinions of others in your class?

Did you use at least three primary research sources? Did you reference these sources in your presentation or report?

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