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Water And Air Quality

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You have been asked to prepare report outlining an environmental assessment to meet the requirements of IS014001: 2015 Environmental Management Systems for an organisation. ABC Enterprises. that manages premises The Weir is located on the Canning River and is frequently used for both primary and secondary recreational water activities such as swimming, boating and kayaking/canoeing. The cafeteria at the weir has a license to discharge liquid organic waste, primarily from pureed food/wash up into the Canning River upstream of the Kent Street Weir.

Assuming that the volume of liquid waste discharged is within the conditions of the license (1000 L/annum) you are required to test the physical, chemical and biological parameters of the river to determine whether it is still suitable for primary recreational use and also whether the effluent is likely to contribute to the development of algal blooms in the areas immediately upstream and downstream of the weir and at a third site which is located 500 m downstream at Castledare. See Lab Manual for equipment details.

The organization is also responsible for the new bus interchange at Curtin University. It is claimed the location of the interchange away from main roads and also the use of new vehicles will deliver improved air quality to users You are required to monitor the air quality to determine whether levels of particulate matter, ozone, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide exceed Air Quality Guidelines and are likely to contribute to health effects. To obtain a representative sample, you will need to sample for 1 hour (for the purposes of the report assume you have sampled for as long as required by the relevant standard). See lab Manual for equipment details and sampling parameters

Your report needs to discuss water and air quality at both sites with regard to the ANZEEC Guidelines and the Australian Air Quality Standards and make recommendations. For your report you will need to include a standard Cover page table of contents and numbered sections and sub-sections.

1. Executive Summary:

2. Introduction / Background:

3. Method : for this section explain what you have done without going into any detail about how to work the actual equipment, so include names of equipment, times. dates. location etc . Refer to lab manual for details of equipment use but do not rewrite method.

4. Results / Discussion: easier if you put these 2 sections together. Include results in tables and put in appendix. Refer to actual values in text of your report. This is the most significant part of the report. Compare your results with Standards / Guidelines where appropriate (suggest using tables for figures). All figures and tables must be numbered, labelled and referred to in the report.

5. Conclusion and recommendations: refer back to the aim of your study. Is the organisation meeting the obligations of 15014001: 2015? Make recommendations based on the conclusion. No new information may be presented.

6. Reference List: APA 7th edn & Please double check final list if you use Endnote 8. Do NOT reference lecture notes or slides.

7. Appendices: include summaries of results here. Do not include all readouts. Make sure appendices are numbered, labelled and referred to in the text. Length: Maximum 2750 words – including tables, excluding references.

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