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Brief Description of the Assessment Task
For this assessment, you will be provided with a case snippet of a company, including a basic background information about its structure, operations and performance. From the perspective of a strategy consultant who is retained by the senior management of the organisation, you have to provide an analysis of the company’s current strategy, evaluate its capacity and recommend areas of improvement.

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This Task Assesses Your Achievement of These Unit Learning Outcomes    
ULO3: Evaluate an organisation’s strategic capabilities in improving organisational performance.
ULO4: Select appropriate concepts, theories and tools in order to align internal and external resources to build strategic capability.

Project Overview
For your graded assessment, you will need to prepare a written report of ~ 2,500 words that require you to examine and apply the key concepts and tools of strategic capabilities.

Project Structure
For this project as well, you have to analyse the same case which was used in the first course. This time, you have to assume the perspective of a strategy consultant retained by the senior management of the organisation. Your brief is to provide an analysis of the company’s current strategy, evaluate its capacity, and recommend areas of improvement. 

Your report should respond to the following questions:
What external environmental conditions is the organisation facing? 
Provide a brief overview from course 1 on this organisation in order to provide context.

What are the organisation’s internal environmental conditions? 
Reflect on the organisation’s strategic and dynamic capabilities. You should refer to the value chain. Capabilities may, but not necessarily, include culture, operations, marketing, service, logistics. 

How does the organisation currently build a competitive advantage through its business and corporate-level strategies? 
Consider the type of business-level strategy that is being pursued, and whether this is sound given the current environment. Review any corporate-level strategies in place. Do these make sense, and are they working? 

How does the organisation’s design enable these strategies?
You may want to consider recent organisational structural changes, level of centralisation, horizontal structural characteristics, and the appropriateness of the structure for the strategy being pursued. 

What recommendations can you make to improve the organisation’s strategic prospects? 
Depending upon your analysis in the preceding questions, options could include strengthening or changing its business or corporate level strategies. You could consider recommendations arising from the application of the strategy clock. Your recommendations might also include building, leveraging or stretching capabilities if the organisation faces current weaknesses.

Assessment Case- Business profile summary
The following will assist you in understanding the broader company. You must undertake additional research and analysis focused on the Solar Power division and industry to assist you with your assessment for Course 1 – Strategy Formulation; and Course 2 – Strategic Capabilities.

Important Note:

  • The information presented here is a basic level only.  You [students] must complete further research into the organisation, its competitors, and the environment to satisfy your two assessments’ requirements.
  • Further, it does not replace your Assessment Instructions.  For information on the expectations of your assessment, please refer to the Assessment Instruction document.

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