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Your recently appointed People Practice manager is surprised by the limited use of metrics in the department and wants to address this concern by raising the knowledge and understanding of the People Practice Team. The manager wants to express that using different forms of evidence and data can help make informed decisions and judgments on all manner of working practices and situations. You have been asked to prepare a presentation and presenters notes in readiness to be given to the People Practice Team on their next learning and development day. Also, by way of an example it has been requested that you provide interpretation of survey data that has been collected from three departments in the organisation. 

Task one – Presentation with Presenter’s Notes:

The presentation must provide knowledge and understanding of how evidence-based practice   informs organisational measures and outcomes and how creating value benefits employees, customers and wider stakeholders. Ensure that you:

Q. Define what is meant by evidence-based practice and how it is applied within organisations, providing three examples of different types of evidence-based practice that can be used to inform principle-led judgements and outcomes for an organisation.

Q. Explain the reasons why it is important to use data to help assist organisational improvements and why this data need to be timely, ethical and accurate.

Q. Explain two different types of data measurements and information that can be used by people professionals, and how they are each used to collect and collate information to support effective decision making. 

Q. Explain how organisational policies, procedures and other forms of evidence can be used to support appropriate choices and decisions.  

Q. Explain the range of internal and external customers and stakeholders, that people professionals work with, and the part that influencing plays within the relationships.

Q. Explain what is meant by creating value as a people professional, and identify benefits of providing value to customers and stakeholders.

Q. Drawing on good practice examples, explain how the work that people professionals perform benefits others within an organisation in supporting good practice, open cultures, commitment and engagement. 

Q. Explain how social media can be used internally and externally in workplaces to improve communication and organisational practices, highlighting the risks in a work context. 

Q. Outline how you can, in your own work or a voluntary role, achieve and maintain a customer focused attitude to ensure consistent high standards and customer satisfaction. 

Task two – Example of analysis of data to inform practice:

A mini survey on the quality of work has recently been carried out as a pilot and the raw data from the first three departments, Research & Design, Administration and Marketing has just been collected.  The People Practice manager has asked you to represent the data as percentages and analyse the survey results.

1) Review the sets of raw numerical data that have been provided in the tables below and convert them to percentages to illustrate the results.

2) Provide an analysis of these, identifying themes, patterns and trends that appear to be occurring. 

3) Calculate how many working days are lost in a three-month period for each department based on the above figures.

4) Estimate the projected average loss of working days over a 12-month period if these rates were to continue. 

5) Calculate the costs of pay assuming all absentees are contractually paid full remuneration whilst off sick during the three-month period. 

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